Be Prepared In Advance With LegalShield

Are you are a private citizen carrying a weapon for personal defense? Are you a private security professional working your job?

Did you know that every member of our Defensive Firearms Instruction team personally carries LegalShield?

In today’s litigious society, it is important to understand that if you use force against another person, there is an incredibly high likelihood that you are going to have to go to court to defend your actions.

There is also a possibility that, depending on the information law enforcement officers have on hand when they arrive to the scene, that you yourself may be detained.

In fact, you may remain detained until you have your day in court to defend your actions.

If you do not have legal backing set up beforehand, you may very well be left with a public defender to represent you in court.

The key to successfully navigating the process after a use of force situation is to have legal backing set up BEFORE, not AFTER a situation occurs.

This will help protect your rights, and protect you and your family after a circumstance occurs.

This will also help by greatly reducing the cost that comes with the trial and the litigation process during a civil suit.

The program that we recommend is LEGALSHIELD!

Be Prepared In Advance With LegalShield

For individuals carrying weapons for personal defense, we recommend the base plan which is $24.95 per month, and the gun owner supplement which is $12.95 per month, totaling $37.90 per month.

This will give you legal defense for any use of force situation, but can also be used for anything that you may need legal representation for. The Gun Owner Supplement gives you advice and consultation regarding gun owner rights, carry and license requirements, where you can and where you cannot carry, and recent changes in gun laws. This supplement also gives you defense of covered civil and criminal lawsuits filed in state or federal court, you will have 60 hours of trial defense which can save you over $25,000. You also have access to lawyers for assistance with NFA trust services.

You can also add dependents and spouses/ domestic partners to the plan, and they get the same coverage for no additional cost.

There are also home business supplements, and trial defense supplements available for those that may have a need for those specifically. The home business supplement gives you access to lawyers for advice, documentation and contract review, letters and phone calls on your behalf, debt collection letters on your behalf, specialty matters, and out-of-state consultation as well as IRS audit services. And with the trial defense supplement, you get an additional 100 hours of trial defense starting with the 1st year being a member, and by the 5th year, you have a total of 400 hours of trial defense.

Business plans are available as well, starting at $39.00 per month.

You already protect yourself in so many different ways, from auto insurance to homeowner’s insurance, and even health insurance.

Protecting your legal rights is just as important, and the stakes, in some cases may be much higher.

If you have any additional questions or would like to sign up over the phone, feel free to contact me at (541) 359-8740, or send us an e-mail through our website’s Contact Form.

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Stay safe and happy,

Donovan Beard
Owner & Lead Instructor