Logan Nichols

Manager/ Instructor/ EP Agent

Logan Nichols is a contract instructor for Defensive Firearms Instruction.

Logan has more than nine years of protective experience, including time with the US Navy, as well as working as a Federal Security Contractor for the US Marshals. he also worked as a Private Security Contractor in Afghanistan.

Logan Nichols - Contract Instructor for Defensive Firearms Instruction

Logan Nichols – Contract Instructor for Defensive Firearms Instruction

During his time with the US Navy, Logan was a Master at Arms (naval Military Police) attached to a Naval Coastal Warfare unit where he specialized in maritime security.

Logan was a combat boat operator as well as a Fire Team Leader where he led groups of sailors operating on a boat team.

During this time he became proficient in the use of various small arms, Communications Equipment, Navigation Equipment as well as higher-level medical training.

In addition to this, he provided close protection to individuals being transported from ships to other destinations.

While contracting with the US Marshals service, he worked protective details for Federal Judges presiding over high profile court cases, his duties also included transporting high-level prisoners and working armed court details.

Logan worked overseas in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan as a private security contractor.

He operated on a PSD team completing assignments such as Executive Protection and transportation details for clientele with high threat levels.

Logan has an Associates degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in investigations, he is close to finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, attended the Helmand mobilization training course through Academi in Moyock, North Carolina, and received the Top Performer award at the Military Police Academy (US Navy).

Logan states, “I truly believe what we do here makes a difference. I want people to leave our classes with a high level of confidence, and to know what they are doing in a professional sense. We owe that not only to our students but to our community as well.”

Active Credentials

  • DPSST Unarmed Instructor
  • DPSST Armed Instructor
  • CJTC Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Handgun Instructor
  • Utah CFP Instructor (BCI)
  • Def Tech OC/Pepper Spray Instructor
  • Sabre OC/Pepper Spray Instructor
  • ASP Handcuff Instructor
  • ASP Baton Instructor
  • ASP Flashlight Instructor
  • HR-218 Instructor
  • DPSST Armed Security Professional
  • DPSST Unarmed Security Professional
  • ASP Tactical Handcuff
  • ASP Expandable Baton
  • Defense Technology OC/Pepper Spray
  • Sabre OC/Pepper Spray
  • American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Wicklander-Zulawski Interview/ Interrogation
  • Oregon Public Notary
  • Oregon CHL
  • Utah CFP
  • Active SF-86