Oregon Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course

The Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course is a comprehensive class teaching all aspects of carrying a concealed handgun. Information is outlined by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), and Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

The Lecture portion of the class is 4 1/2 hours long with 2 hours of live fire. After completing the class students can apply for the following licenses: Oregon Concealed Handgun License, Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit, Florida Concealed Handgun License, and Utah Concealed Firearms Permit. Upon finishing this course students will be provided with a certificate of completion, which is required to apply for all of the above listed licenses or permits.

All application packets are included with the course allowing students to apply for desired license. We include reciprocity maps which outline the States recognized by the licenses offered. Classes are generally held at Emerald Empire Gun Club located just outside of Springfield, Oregon. We have classes regularly scheduled on our training calendar and can organize private courses with advanced notice.

The Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course covers all the materials from the lecture only class. We have added a very practical entry level-shooting component to the course. The shooting portion of the course can be done with revolvers or semi-automatic handguns. Students will need to bring a handgun and at least 50 rounds of ammunition. Rentals are available (see below)

The shooting portion of the Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course begins with the basic fundamentals of shooting accurately. This includes demonstrating the types of stances and when to use each stance, proper grip to increase recoil management, proper aiming and sight alignment, proper trigger pull and trigger reset techniques, and different breathing techniques and their effect on accuracy. We have the students begin with loading and unloading drills with practice ammunition. This allows the student to build confidence in a safe environment. We also demonstrate and teach the two main types of ready positions and discuss of the benefits of each.

The students fire several rounds to get familiarized with their handgun. Our instructors perform a target diagnosis with each student to figure out how to increase their accuracy. The firing drills include weapon presentation exercises on single target and multiple targets. Students are encouraged to attend the Tactical Handgun Course after completed the Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course to build additional skills and proficiency.

Required Gear:
-Valid form of Photo ID
-Note Pad
-Ear Protection
-Eye Protection
-50 rounds of Ammunition
-Suitable Belt
-Clothing adequate for weather and allows for movement (pants preferred)
-Hydration source
-Lunch (refrigeration is available if you want to bring a lunch and there is a market nearby for purchasing lunch)

Rental equipment is available with advanced notice.

Nice to have:
-Hat with visor

Concealed Handgun Live Fire Course

Cost $100.00

(optional Utah upgrade for an additional $20)


“The class was very thorough and allowed me to better understand Oregon laws. Most valuable was the professional hands-on weapon training and shooting.”

“I am very happy about the level of detail in the legal implications of carrying a firearm. The range part was good and I will be taking more.”

“Instructor was a very good speaker and trainer. He cared that every student got out of the class the most they possibly could.”