Rental Policy

Rental Policy:

At Defensive Firearms Instruction we want to be as accommodating to the needs of our students as possible. If you would like to take a class with us but you lack any of the required equipment, we have you covered. We have a variety of firearms for you to choose from for each class. For more details feel free to contact us.

If you need a rental for a class be sure to include that in the comment section during your sign up. Please include the type of firearm you’d like to use

Class Firearm* Ammo Total
CHL Live Fire 50 rounds
380 ACP $15 $20 $35
9mm $15 $15 $30
.40 caliber $15 $20 $35
.45 ACP $15 $25 $40
Tac Handgun 1 150 rounds  
9mm $15 $45 $60
.40 caliber $15 $55 $70
.45 ACP $15 $70 $85
Tac Handgun 2 250 rounds  
9mm $15 $75 $90
.40 caliber $15 $90 $105
.45 ACP $15 $110 $125
Tac Carbine 250 rounds  
AR-15 (5.56) $20 CMP** $120***
AK-47 (7.62) $20 CMP** $90***
Tac Shotgun 170 rounds  
Mossberg 500 $20 CMP** $150***

*Firearm includes all equipment necessary for class (eye pro, ear pro, etc.)

**CMP: based on the Current Market Price of ammunition

***Approximate cost (Subject to change)


Note: Rental firearm(s) will stay on the premises for the duration of the class. All rentals will be accounted for prior to students leaving for lunch and at the culmination of the range portion of class. Students are required to sign a release of liability form prior to the issuing of rental firearm(s)