Oregon DPSST Armed Refresher Course

DPSST Armed Refresher Course is a 5 hour course that can be completed 180 days prior to the refresher date printed on the DPSST certification card. The course begins with a closed book written examination covering all topics that were initially taught in the initial 24 hour DPSST Armed Course. Students are strongly encouraged to spend some time studying the DPSST Armed Security Manuel prior to attending the class. The manual can be emailed to students prior to the class. The DPSST Armed Refresher Course covers the cardinal safety rules and mindset associated with making responsible use of force decisions. The hands on component starts with the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing, reloading, and weapons malfunctions. Before the live fire component students will take the DPSST Weapon Handling Assessment. Upon safely completing the Weapons Handling Assessment students will move to the live fire portion of the course. The live fire component covers shooting from numerous positions, all of which are part of the qualification course. Students then will take the DPSST Armed Security Course State Shooting Qualification Test. Remember, the DPSST Armed Refresher Course is a separate class than the DPSST Unarmed Security Refresher Course. We currently run the DPSST Armed Refresher Course at the same time as the DPSST Armed Security Course. Upon completion of the DPSST Armed Refresher Course students will be provided with a PS-6 (Training Affidavit), and a PS-27 (Code of Ethics), which needs to be sent to the DPSST. The class fee is $100.00 and is paid to Defensive Firearms Instruction. There is no additional fee to the State of Oregon to submit your DPSST Armed Refresher Course paperwork.

 Required  Gear:
DPSST Certification Card
-Duty Sized Handgun
-Two Magazines
-Magazine Pouch
-150 Rounds of Handgun Ammunition
-Eye Protection
-Ear Protection
-Hat with visor
-Kneepads (if you have issues kneeling on the ground)

Firearm rental (which includes ammo) is available with advanced notice for an additional $60.00. 

HR 218 annual qualification for retired law enforcement is available for an additional $20.00. 

We can do 1 on 1 courses for double the regular cost, call for availability.

DPSST Armed Refresher Course

Cost $125


“The class was very useful and enjoyable. I have learned a lot that I will use during my time as a security officer.”

“I feel more comfortable going out in this workforce area with the knowledge I received from this class.”

“Excellent instruction and by far the best DPSST instructor I have had yet.”