Oregon DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course

DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course is 4 hours. DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course briefly goes over all the topics covered in the initial 14 hour course. This course can be completed 180 days prior to the expiration of your current DPSST Unarmed certification. The course includes lecture, report writing exercises, and a closed book written examination. We also cover new regulations and changes to DPSST policies and procedures, any updates to Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules affecting security professionals. We work hard to make sure all questions on topics covered in the initial 14 hour course are correctly answered.

At Defensive Firearms Instruction we believe just passing the course doesn’t mean the student- instructor relationship ends. We are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding your license or material covered in the course.

Upon completion of the DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course students will be provided with a PS-6, which shows successful completion of the class. The PS-6 can be used to get a temporary work permit (PS-20) from your current employer if the individual’s security license expires prior to receiving a new card in the mail from DPSST. Students will also receive a PS-27 Code Of Ethics, which must be signed and sent to DPSST with every upgrade or renewal. In addition, each student is given the PS-21 Renewal Application. The fee to the State of Oregon is $65.00, which needs to be made payable to DPSST Private Security by Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or a DPSST Credit Card Authorization Form. If for some reason your license has expired there will be an additional $25 fee added to the renewal cost to the State of Oregon.

Required Gear: Valid form of Photo Identification, DPSST Private Security Card, Pen, and Note Pad

DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course

Cost $65.00


“Donovan is an awesome instructor. He is very engaging and enthusiastic about the material. He is also very professional and personable.”

“Instructor impressed me with the breadth and depth of knowledge. Instruction was clear, concise, and to the point. I plan to take further instruction with this company.”

“Instructor did a great job. He really explained the material well using personal experience with examples.”