Oregon DPSST Unarmed Security Course

DPSST Unarmed Security Course is the training you need before you can submit your application with the State to become a licensed Security Professional in the State of Oregon. The DPSST Unarmed Security course is a pre-requisite to take the DPSST Armed Security course. The class is 16 hours long and is conducted over a 2 day period. The lecture portion of the class includes topics on ethics, morals and professionalism, how and when to notify public authorities, making citizens arrests, report writing, criminal law, civil law, Use of force and other legal considerations to assist the Security Professional on making good decisions. We also take a more in depth look at some of the functions that individuals perform in the security industry such as searches, defusing hostile situations, structural analysis, and even service animals and laws pertaining to the ADA for the service industry. Students then take a 50 question closed book test to ensure all information from the DPSST Unarmed Security Course was retained. Students are required to score at least an 85% on the written examination. This course also includes a very in depth section on report writing with many practical application exercises.

Upon completion of the DPSST Unarmed Security Course students will be provided with a PS-1 application, which is the initial private security application, and a PS-6 form which is the affidavit of training, that they can take to a prospective employer to be issued a temporary work permit (PS-20 form). We also include a fingerprint card and the PS-4 form with directions on on how, when, and where to get fingerprints completed. Students are also given a DPSST PS-27 code of ethics.

It is important to remember that class fees and State fees are paid separately. The class fee is $200.00 and is paid to Defensive Firearms Instruction. If students want the instructor to lay their fingerprints, an additional $15.00 fee would go to Defensive Firearms Instruction. A separate fee of $106.25 is made payable by a Money Order, DPSST Credit Card Form, or Cashier’s Check to Oregon DPSST Private Security.  The State fee is due to DPSST at the time the application is submitted. The DPSST Unarmed Security Certification is good for a period of two years.  A DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course needs to be completed by the end of the second year.

Required Gear: Valid form of Photo Identification, Pen, and Notepad

DPSST Unarmed Security Course

Cost $200.00


“Excellent instructor, engaged and passionate about the subject and very knowledgeable about security.”

“The class was well done. Extra emphasis was put on grey areas and all confusing wording was made clear. Plenty of good examples were used.”

“I have been in the security industry for a little over 12 years now and have made great use of my time; I have a well-rounded view of the industry inside and out and have been required to take many certification classes (mandatory and voluntary) within that time. I have not felt like I have learned much during the class sessions of other trainers/companies; feeling the need to read the books/manuals a few times over the next month in order to really get the full picture. With Donovan’s certification class I found myself enjoying the class and his presence while teaching. Defensive Firearms Instruction L.L.C. is not just the best unarmed certification course money can buy; it’s one of the lower costing classes as well. I found Donovan to be an extremely informative, personable, and professional instructor. With all that Defensive Firearms Instruction L.L.C. has to offer in the way in certification classes I will not be using any other services when needing a certification. Defensive Firearms Instruction L.L.C. truly is the ONLY “one stop shopping” resource for those in the Protective Services industry or anyone just looking to get the confidence and training they need to protect themselves, and their families. The professionalism, experience, and support Donovan and his team provide is outmatched by no other company in Oregon.”
“I didn’t just get certified; I made friends. It feels great to be part of such a highly trained team of professionals! Thank you Donovan for your commitment to my excellent professional training!”
-M.Rosenblad III