Ron Mehl Jr.

EP Agent / Private Investigator / Consultant

Ron Mehl Jr. has more than a decade of law enforcement experience working for and with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and US Secret Service.

Ron is a graduate of Yale University in 1990 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Ron’s law enforcement experience includes having worked homicide, sex crimes, assault, and kidnapping cases, and special assignments include an interagency gang unit, a defensive tactics training unit, Mobile Response Team, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, where among other things he worked an international, multi-year undercover case.

Ron has extensive and specialized training in surveillance, intelligence gathering, dignitary protection, crowd control, and physical control tactics.

While active-duty law enforcement, Ron provided education and training to both Law Enforcement personnel, and the general public, with regard to defensive tactics and gangs.

Specializing in personal protection both during and post-law enforcement, Ron has been involved in dignitary protection details supporting the President, the First Lady, and family, the Vice President, and many other domestic and foreign political figures, as well as celebrities, business executives, and persons of high net worth.

Ron currently partners with my former Chief, David G. Bishop (Ret.), in a business offering services to include executive protection, private investigation, security consulting, and training.

Ron maintains armed, unarmed, unarmed instructor, and private investigator licenses in Oregon.

Ron has received yearly training throughout his law enforcement career in Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC), and has previously held instructor level certifications in defensive tactics, collapsible baton, and OC/pepper spray.

Ron also has held basic AED and CPR certifications.