Low Light Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

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CLASS/COURSE: Low Light Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: Low Light Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon


Low Light Handgun Course is the introductory course for low light handgun manipulation while utilizing handheld and weapon-mounted illumination devices. During the six (6) hour Light Handgun Course, our goal is to provide students with a fundamental understanding and mindset to be able to navigate a defensive situation in a low light setting, as we often tell our students “half the day is night, carry a light”. We maintain an industry-recognized student to instructor ratio, and safety is our number 1 priority during any training conducted by our team. We have geared the drills conducted in the low light course towards making students more comfortable not only manipulating the firearm, but doing so single-handed, and single-handed while manipulating devices like flashlights and weapon-mounted lighting systems.

We start the course by going over the 4 Cardinal Weapon Safety Rules, the mindset associated with handling and carrying a firearm for personal defense, and the general range rules and course layout. Next, we cover some basic information regarding gear placement, gear selection, different considerations with regard to lighting systems, etc. We then begin the dry fire segment of the course where we revisit the 4 step weapon presentation drill and some of the basic techniques to ensure all students are able to safely manipulate their firearms. After the brief review, we get into single-handed manipulation of the firearm, followed by single-handed manipulation of the firearm with a flashlight in the non-dominant hand. We then cover the different flashlight manipulation techniques such as the Harries technique, the Marine Corps. technique, the FBI technique, the Syringe/ Cigar technique, the Neck Index technique, and the Chapman technique. We start out with dry fire practice for all of these techniques and then transition to live-fire drills. The rest of the range is dedicated to conducting low light range training drills with individual coaching for the students from our competent instructors.

Required Gear:

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Handheld flashlight with a pouch or a pocket clip
  • Semi-Auto Handgun with a weapon-mounted light (NO REVOLVERS)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Holster specifically fit the make and model of your firearm and your specific light
  • Two magazines and magazine pouch
  • Suitable Belt
  • Clothing adequate for range training and allows for movement (pants preferred)
  • Hydration source
  • Lunch (refrigeration is unavailable. There is a market nearby for purchasing lunch)

If you are bringing your own ammunition, it is required to be jacketed ammunition.

*Rental equipment (firearm/ammunition/protection) is available with advanced notice.

Nice to have:

  • Secondary/ backup handheld light
  • Spare batteries
  • Kneepads (if you have issues kneeling on the ground)

Note: Please ensure all firearms are unloaded and cased upon arrival for this course.

Rental Gear & Upgrades (optional)

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