Machine Gun Shoot in Eugene and Springfield Oregon


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Machine Gun Shoot in Eugene and Springfield Oregon

Course Location

Machine Gun Shoot in Eugene and Springfield Oregon

Course Description

Defensive Firearms Instruction, LLC. in collaboration with Johnson Customs, LLC. are hosting a once in a lifetime Machine Gun Shoot at our new range located in Eugene Oregon. During this machine gun demo shooting event you will have the opportunity to safely fire some of the most iconic machine guns and firearms ever produced, while under the direct supervision of the Defensive Firearms Instruction team.

How to participate in the machine gun shoot?

  1. Pre-pay the $30.00 entry fee and reserve your spot. Don’t miss your shot to participate because space is limited!
  2. You can arrive at the range and leave anytime between 10am – 4pm. Whether you want to spend 1 hour or 6 hours out on the range, that is your choice.
  3. Once you get to the range, you will be able to purchase the provided ammunition per magazine that you would like to shoot. You can shoot as much as you want provided you buy the ammunition. There is no limit on the amount of ammo that can be purchased and shot by you!
  4. There will be multiple stations going for people to be shooting simultaneously, as well as a viewing window for people to watch from a safe location. There will be instructors for every station to get individuals up to speed on the different firearm platforms and to assist during the shoot.
  5. There will also be opportunities for video and pictures upon request.

What type of machine guns and firearms will you be able to shoot?

  • Mp-5 K
  • Mp-5 A4
  • Mp-5 A5
  • 9mm Sterling
  • Full Auto Glock 17
  • Full Auto Glock 21
  • Ingram M-10 (MAC 10)
  • M-16
  • M249 SAW
  • AK-47
  • RPK
  • Uzi
  • M4
  • HK G3
  • MG-42
  • Mossberg Serbu Shorty AOW
  • Smith and Wesson 500
  • 1887 Pistol Grip 12GA Shotgun
  • Assorted Suppressed Handguns
  • Assorted Suppressed Carbines

What do we recommended that you bring to the machine gun shoot?

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Hat
  • Food and water
  • Cash for ammunition (recommended $300+)

Do you have a question about the Machine Gun Shoot in Eugene Oregon?

Please contact Donovan and Logan at (541) 359-8740 or send us an email through our Contact Form.

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