Tactical Shotgun Course near Sheridan Oregon

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CLASS/COURSE: Tactical Shotgun Course near Sheridan Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: Tactical Shotgun Course near Sheridan Oregon


Tactical Shotgun Course near Sheridan Oregon is 8-hours of entry-level shotgun training at a shooting range.

Tactical Shotgun 1 (TS1) Course will teach you how to employ a shotgun to protect your family and loved ones.

The skills taught in this specific course are geared for both defensive situations inside and outside the home.

Regardless of whether you have used a shotgun for years as a hunter, competitor, or in a Law Enforcement capacity or have never used a Tactical Shotgun before in your life, you will learn a significant amount from this class.

During the 8 hours of intense training, our goal is to equip you with the tools to effectively, safely, and competently employ what is the most versatile tool in your arsenal.

We begin with a lecture portion that covers the proper mindset and theories of operation regarding tactical shotguns.

We also will go over the different types of shotguns, sight systems, sidesaddles, slings, and lights that are on the market with respect to which ones are good and which ones to avoid.

A lot of time is also spent covering the different types of ammo and their application in a defensive encounter.

During our dry fire portion, we talk to cover the fundamentals such as stance, grip, trigger control, and follow-through.

Then we go over proper weapons handling, loading/unloading, quick slug changeovers, progressive loading, and clearing malfunctions.

Once we break into the live-fire segment we cover shooting from standing, kneeling, and prone positions, shooting from behind cover, movement, and weapons transitions.

We finish the class by engaging multiple targets and engaging targets at longer distances.

The course is optimized for Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 style shotguns, but we can accommodate whatever you have.

Required Gear*:

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Shotgun (12GA or 20GA)
  • Sling
  • Ammo Holder or Mounted Side Saddle
  • 75 Rounds of 00 Buck
  • 75 Rounds of Bird Shot
  • 20 Rounds of Slug
  • Duty Rated Handgun
  • Holster
  • 2 Magazines
  • Magazine Pouch
  • 50 Rounds of Pistol Ammo
  • Suitable Belt
  • Shoes with lateral support
  • Clothing adequate for weather and allows for movement (Pants preferred)
  • Hydration source
  • Lunch (Refrigeration is unavailable. Market nearby for purchasing lunch.)

*Rental equipment (firearm/ammunition/protection) is available with advanced notice.

Nice to have:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat with visor
  • Kneepads (If you have issues kneeling on the ground.)

Note: Please ensure all firearms are unloaded and cased upon arrival for this course.

Rental Gear & Upgrades (optional)


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