DPSST Unarmed Security Course in Springfield Oregon


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DPSST Unarmed Security Course in Springfield Oregon

Course Location

DPSST Unarmed Security Course in Springfield Oregon

Course Description

The DPSST Unarmed Security Course is the training you need before you can submit your application with the State to become a licensed security professional in the State of Oregon. The DPSST Unarmed Security Course is the most updated course for unarmed security professionals. The class is 15 hours long and is conducted over a 2 day period. The lecture portion of the class includes topics on ethics, morals and professionalism, how and when to notify public authorities, making citizens arrests, report writing, criminal law, civil law, court room testimony, use of force and other legal considerations to assist the security professional on making good decisions.

Students then take a 50 question closed book test to ensure all information from the DPSST Unarmed Security Course was retained. Students are required to score at least an 85% on the written examination. This course also Includes a very in depth section on report writing with many practical application exercises.

Upon completion of the DPSST Unarmed Security Course, the student will be provided with the Following paperwork which will need to be submitted to DPSST’s Private Security Division.

  • PS-1 Application
  • PS-6 Training Affidavit (white copy goes to DPSST/Yellow copy goes to employer)
  • PS-27 Code of Ethics
  • Fingerprint Card (As part of the class our staff will lay each students fingerprints on the proper card)

It is important to remember that class fees and State fees are paid separately. A fee of $105.00 is made payable by a Money Order, DPSST Credit Card Form, or Cashier’s Check to DPSST Private Security. The State fee is due to DPSST at the time the application is submitted. Each student has to submit their application within 120 days of the completion of the course and the DPSST Unarmed Security License is good for a period of two years.  A DPSST Unarmed Refresher Course can be completed within 180 days of the expiration of the certification.

  • Pre payment is generally required, however feel free to contact us directly if you need payment accommodations made by Clicking Here.
  • If payment is being received from the company you are working for please contact us by Clicking Here.

Required Gear: 

  • Valid form of Photo Identification
  • Pen
  • Notepad

Rental Gear & Upgrades (optional)

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