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DPSST Unarmed Security near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

The DPSST Unarmed Security Course near Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, is a 14-hour training program that meets the minimum requirement set by the Oregon DPSST. The course is conducted over a 2-day period and covers various topics such as regulatory laws, criminal and civil law, patrol procedures, emergency services, and report writing. Students are required to pass a closed book, multiple-choice test with a score of at least 85%. Upon completion of the course, students receive the necessary paperwork to apply for the DPSST Unarmed Security Certification, which is valid for two years. Additional certification for ASP handcuffing is available as an addon.

CLASS/COURSE: DPSST Unarmed Security near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: DPSST Unarmed Security near Eugene & Springfield Oregon


DPSST Unarmed Security Course near Eugene and Springfield Oregon is the training you need before you can submit your application with the State to become certified as a Private Security Professional in the State of Oregon.

The 14-hour class meets the Oregon DPSST minimum requirement of 14 hours and is conducted over a 2 day period.

The lecture portion of the class includes topics such as:

  • Standards for Unarmed Private Security Professionals
  • Regulatory Laws Pertinent to Private Security
  • Introduction to Criminal and Civil Law
  • Common Crimes Encountered by Security Professionals
  • Person Crimes
  • Search and Seizure
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Report Writing
  • Communication
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Emergency Services
  • Scene Management
  • Fire Detection, Reporting & Safety
  • Medical Emergencies

Students then take a closed book, 50 questions, multiple-choice test to ensure all information from the DPSST Unarmed Security Course was retained.

Students are required to score at least 85% on the written examination.

Upon completion of the DPSST Unarmed Security Course, each student will be provided all required paperwork which will need to be submitted to DPSST’s Private Security Division.

  • PS-1 Application
  • PS-6 Training Affidavit (white copy goes to DPSST/Yellow copy goes to the employer)
  • PS-27 Code of Ethics
  • FD-258 Fingerprint Card (DFI Instructors are fingerprint technicians and can lay students fingerprints for an additional fee)

It is important to remember that class fees are paid directly to Defensive Firearms Instruction, which is separate from the state certification fee which is paid to DPSST Private Security upon submitting the application.

The state fee of $106.25 which needs to be made out to “DPSST Private Security”, can be made payable by Money Order, DPSST Credit Card Form, Cashier’s Check, or Business Check.

Each student has to submit their application within 180 days of the completion of the course and the DPSST Unarmed Security Certification is good for a period of two years.

Applicants are not authorized to work as a Private Security Professional until their application has been submitted and they either have their physical card in hand and are listed with a company or have received a PS-20 (temporary work permit) from their employer and a copy has been submitted to DPSST.

Individuals who are certified as a Private Security Professional can renew their certification 180 days prior to their certification expiring.

Required Gear: 

  • A valid form of Photo Identification
  • Pen
  • Notepad
  • Bring a lunch. We will be working through lunch

We Offer ASP Handcuff Certifications after the completion of this course.

This is available as an addon you may select below. The second day of the Unarmed Course will end at about 1pm, and for those that have opted for the handcuff certification, they will begin a handcuffing class then, which will end at 5pm.

Signing Up & Payment

  • All students are required to sign up online in advance to reserve a seat in the class. For assistance signing up for any Defensive Firearms Instruction class, please contact us directly by clicking here.
  • Payment for the course is required either in advance upon signing up online, or due by the first day of class. Defensive Firearms Instruction has the ability to accept the following methods of payment:
    • Credit Card/Debit card
    • Cash
    • Personal/Business check
    • Money Order
  • Invoicing for companies can, with prior authorization; be done by Clicking Here.
  • Defensive Firearms Instruction is currently working with multiple organizations that can assist individuals with class and State Fee tuition costs. To inquire about eligibility, please visit your local county WorkSource office or Vocational Rehabilitation office.

Private courses are available with advance notice and are subject to increased class fees or minimum student enrollment, contact us directly for availability and scheduling.

12 reviews for DPSST Unarmed Security near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

  1. Michael

    The DPSST instructor was very professional, knowledgeable and respectful. I look forward to taking another class from Defensive Firearms Instruction.

  2. Wayne

    I really enjoyed and appreciated the depth of training and professionalism of the DPSST Unarmed Security course. The pace at times was quick but very informative. I will strongly recommend the course to others and for other services.

  3. Jennifer

    The information was delivered in an easy to understand many and a fun learning atmosphere. DPSST instructor explained knowledge well and answered questions in a respectful may.

  4. Lee Works

    Good class

  5. Fredrick

    I thought the instructor was great, very informative and helpful, also very knowledgeable on multiple topics. The classroom was well maintained and clean. Breaks were sufficient but not too long. The environment was professional and also a fun place to learn. I would recommend this class and instructors to anyone looking to join this field.

  6. Joan

    Very professional but also laid back. Instructor explained clearly and made sure we understood what was being taught. I would definitely recommend this unarmed security course!

  7. Christian

    I like that the instructor was a subject matter expert and had real world experience that he could relate to answer any questions the students had. Very professional and plenty of breaks.

  8. John

    Very well understood, clear and concise. Instructor was knowledgeable of subject matter and responsive to students’ questions. Breaks were plenty and adequate.

  9. Joshua

    I am a huge believer of back to the basics and after this course it has only reinforces this belief. The entire course was clearly outlined, it was clear with an easy flow and steady stream of information every student needs to know. Instructor provided great examples for every situation and also clearly defined laws. The best part of the course was using the laws to better handle and stay in control of almost every situation. I will highly recommend this course to anyone at any level.

  10. Zach

    DPSST Course was well taught and information delivered in a professional and well-modulated manner. Breaks were perfectly timed and at the perfect length. I would recommend this class, company, and instructor.

  11. Bill

    Instructor provided adequate information in regards to written course as well as common sense answers that have on the job applications. Material was presented well and stories were engaging. Good sense of humor.

  12. Donavin


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