CPR / AED / First Aid

The CPR / AED / First Aid course is designed to improve your ability to help adults, children, and infants in need during many emergency situations. Through this course you will learn how to respond to specific situations, which will help you care for people in crisis as they wait for medical professionals to arrive. This gives them the best opportunity for a positive outcome – and gives you the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

This 4-hour comprehensive training includes requirements for the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC).

Course Topics Include

  • CPR/AED for adults, children and infants
  • Medical, injury, and environmental emergencies
  • Illness and injury prevention
  • Opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies

Designed, and taught by experts, this course satisfies OSHA-mandated job requirements, workplace or other regulatory requirements while teaching you the latest life-saving skills.

CPR / AED / First Aid certification is valid for two years from the date on your certificate.

What to bring:

-Valid form of government issued Photo ID

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Cost $75.00