Security Consulting

Security consulting is a service our team of professionals offer to limit liability for clients. Our staff has the ability and expertise to create or review current company policy to reduce your liability. Defensive Firearms Instruction can develop and set up in-house security programs for companies. We will train your current security personnel on site how to properly use these new programs. We can train your company in workplace violence prevention and response programs. Defensive Firearms Instruction has performed security audits for existing security companies who want a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to address any issues.

Security Consulting through Defensive Firearms Instruction

Security Consulting through Defensive Firearms Instruction

Risk assessments and threat analysis is another aspect of security consulting we provide. This can include but is not limited to doing a structural analysis of any buildings or properties, advising on weak points, and providing solutions to correct them before they become an issue. For high-profile clients constant risk assessments are needed to maintain the proper security presence.

Post Use-of-Force Consulting is another resource we offer to our clients. If an employee has a Use of Force Incident we are available 24 hours a day to privately assist in report writing and proper force articulation. This minimizes civil and criminal liability to the individual employees and employers.

Within the security industry there are always going to be questions and concerns that individuals and companies may have. We pride ourselves in being a ‘Solution Provider’ to our clients. As a full time security training company we maintain a large database of security professionals. This gives our company the ability to be a ‘turnkey’ security provider regardless of the number of security officers needed in a short period of time. Defensive Firearms Instruction is here as a resource to advise on any previous, current, or future security issues an individual or company may have.

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