Defensive Low Light Handgun Tactics

Defensive Low Light Handgun Tactics is six (6) hours of intermediate-level low light handgun training at a shooting range.

Prior to taking the Defensive Low Light Handgun Tactics 1 course each student is required to complete Defensive Handgun Tactics 1, DPSST Armed Security Certification with PSID (Private Security Identification), or an equivalent Level 1 course through a reputable company and demonstrate intermediate-level competency with a handgun.

Course Information

Defensive Low Light Handgun Tactics is specifically designed to teach both civilians and professionals the fundamentals of utilizing a flashlight and handgun in a low light environment. Students will engage in live fire exercises requiring judgmental shooting and target identification with the use of a flashlight.


Course Topics Include

  • Safety rules, range procedures, and mindset
  • Flashlight  manipulation techniques
  • Escalating force with flashlight
  • 4-step weapons presentation
  • Ready positions
  • After action
  • Accuracy analysis
  • Single hand shooting positions
  • Reload techniques with flashlight
  • Weapon mounted light considerations
  • Buddy lighting drills
  • Moving off line drills with flashlight

To ensure the safety and longevity of our students, we can work around most physical limitations (contact us if you have concerns about limitations).

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a certificate of completion. (This course counts toward continuing education training hours for employment and may be utilized by companies for mandatory professional development).

Note: Certification does not meet the requirements under ORS 166.291 to obtain an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.


Required Gear

– Valid form of government issued Photo ID
– Handgun* with holster
– At least 3 magazines and magazine pouches
– At least 250+ rounds of ammunition*
– Spare pistol and ammo (optional)
– Cleaning kit (optional)
– Handheld flashlight with a pouch or a pocket clip (secondary flashlight & spare batteries – are good to have)
– Belt and suitable clothing that allows for movement (range is outdoors, dress for the weather)
– Shoes with good lateral support
– Hat with visor
– Eye and ear protection*
– Knee pads (optional)
– Sunscreen (optional)
– Sunglasses (optional)
– Notepad (optional)
– Pen (optional)
– Dinner, snacks, and drinks (refrigeration is unavailable. There is a market nearby for purchasing dinner)

*Rental equipment (firearm/ammunition/eye & ear protection) is available for an additional fee and with advanced notice.

All firearms must be unloaded and in a case or holster upon arrival. All firearms will remain in their case or holster until specifically directed to be taken out under the guidance of a DFI instructor. 

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