American Red Cross First Aid / CPR / AED Class

At Defensive Firearms Instruction, our goal is to take people from our communities and turn them into assets as opposed to liabilities to those around them. Most people have had an encounter, whether at home or in public, where someone needed some sort of First Aid / AED / CPR assistance. We are proud to represent the American Red Cross (ARC) by providing up to date First Aid/ AED / CPR Adult, Child, and Infant classes. Whether you are a caregiver or concerned citizen, this training is relevant to everyone.

During our CPR portion you’ll learn how to check an unconscious person, how to identify if they need CPR, and the proper procedures leading up to the beginning of the cycles of compressions and rescue breathes. We will also go over proper hand placement, technique and different circumstances you might run into while performing CPR. We will teach you how to perform these skills on Adults, Pediatrics, and Infants.

In conjunction with CPR, you will also learn when and how to safely use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). You will learn what to expect when using an AED as well as where and how to apply pad on adults and children.

The First Aid segment of the class will cover many different injuries that you are likely to run into. Skills we cover include: choking, sudden illnesses like stroke, heart attack, or diabetic emergencies, environmental emergencies like heat-related and cold-related injuries, soft tissue injuries like abrasions, lacerations or punctures, bleeding injuries, using dressing and bandages, splinting, tourniquet (optional), different types of burns, musculoskeletal injuries, and much more.

So sign up for a class and put yourself in a position where you can feel confident in intervening to potentially save someone’s life.

Required Gear:
-Valid Form of Photo Identification

CPR and First Aid Training

Cost: $150.00