Axon Taser near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

The Axon Taser Training course designed for active duty law enforcement, military and selected security professionals provides hands-on training and practical knowledge of the Taser X26P and Taser 7.

CLASS/COURSE: Axon Taser near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: Axon Taser near Eugene & Springfield Oregon


The Axon Taser Training course covers the Taser X26P and Taser 7 models and is designed to teach participants proper handling, use, and maintenance of the device to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. The 8-hour training includes legal and ethical considerations, as well as hands-on practice exercises to develop decision-making and de-escalation skills. Upon completion, participants will receive a certification of completion (valid for one calendar year from the date of the class).

Course Topics Include

  • History, functionality, and safety features
  • Specific features and capabilities of different models
  • Legal and ethical aspects of use, including state and federal laws, use-of-force guidelines, and liability issues
  • When to use as an alternative to other force options
  • Proper handling, including safe carrying and storage
  • Basic maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safe disposal of expired or damaged cartridges*
  • Hands-on training exercises

The majority of the course focuses on hands-on training with the Taser device. Participants will learn how to properly aim and fire the device, how to use the various modes of operation, and how to effectively deploy the device in different scenarios. The training includes scenario-based exercises to help participants develop their decision-making and de-escalation skills.

Participants receive a certification of completion, indicating that they have been trained to safely and effectively utilize the Taser device in the line of duty.

What to bring

-Valid form of government issued Photo ID
-Lunch, snacks, and drinks

*Course cost includes training cartridges

Live firearms and ammunition are not permitted during the course.