Concealed Carry Problems

When it comes to carrying concealed there are issues that we need to be aware of.

One of the most common issues is printing, which means that the firearm being carried for personal defense can be seen through the person’s clothing.

It’s important to understand that you need to dress around the gun.

If a larger firearm is going to be carried, then you need to wear enough layers to effectively conceal that firearm.

Carrying concealed means that no one else should know that you have a firearm on you.

You lose a distinct tactical advantage if it is easy to tell that you have a firearm on your person.

The next problem that we run into quite often is the issue of retention vs. ease of access.

There are a ton of holster types out there, each claiming to be the greatest thing ever invented.

It is imperative for safety that you carry in a holster that is specifically designed for that firearm and that covers the fire control group.

There are minimalist “holsters” out there that are nothing more than a belt clip screwed onto the slide of the firearm.

I have no idea why someone would want to carry a firearm in their waistband without the trigger being covered (especially carrying appendix); this invites the possibility for a negligent discharge and is a huge safety issue for the carrier.

It is also worth noting that the deeper concealed a firearm is carried the more difficult it will be to access that firearm if it is needed in a defensive situation.

The main goal is to carry in a position that can be accessed in a high-stress situation; to carry in a well-designed holster that is made for that firearm, and to dress appropriately around the firearm that is being carried.

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