Gear Review: KNS Precision Inc. & Burn Proof Gear

KNS Precision Inc. and Burn Proof Gear sent us some gear to try out on the range, so we decided to run it on our last shoot.

We equipped the Burn Proof Gear Rail-Rap and the KNS Precision Inc. anti-drift pins on a 10.5” SBR AR-15 and put it through a high volume range to see how it held up.

The anti-drift pins did exactly as they should.

After 500 rounds they hadn’t loosened in the slightest which was absolutely perfect and we highly recommend them.

The Rail-Rap was a new one for us and I was really curious how it would handle the heat from an SBR, however it did so phenomenally.

After hundreds of rounds in a short amount of time, the Rail-Rap didn’t display any signs of succumbing to the heat whatsoever.

I was highly impressed with the durability of the material used by Burn Proof Gear.

The Rail-Rap was a great add-on to keep from burning our hands on the handguard after prolonged firing and did not add much on the cooldown time between firing either.

We highly recommend both products.

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