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Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 near Sweet Home Oregon

The Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 course is designed for students with both prior experience (such as using a shotgun for years as a hunter, a competitor, or in a Law Enforcement capacity) and with no prior experience. The course will teach students how to employ a shotgun to protect their family and loved ones. 

CLASS/COURSE: Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 near Sweet Home Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 near Sweet Home Oregon


The Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 course is eight (8) hours of entry-level shotgun training at a shooting range. Our goal is to equip students with the tools to effectively, safely, and competently employ what is considered to be the most versatile tool in one’s arsenal. The skills taught in this specific course are geared for defensive situations both inside and outside the home. 


Prior to taking the Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 each student is required to complete Defensive Handgun Tactics 1 or an equivalent Level 1 course through a reputable company and demonstrate intermediate-level competency with a handgun.

Course Topics Include

  • A lecture portion covering proper mindset and theories of operation regarding defensive shotguns
  • Different types of shotguns, sight systems, side saddles, slings, and lights
  • Different types of ammo and their application in a defensive encounter

Dry Fire Manipulations Include

  • Basic fundamentals: Stance, grip, trigger control, and follow-through
  • Proper weapons handling, loading/unloading, quick slug changeovers, progressive loading, and clearing malfunctions

Live Fire Manipulations Include

  • Shooting from standing, kneeling, and prone positions
  • Shooting from behind cover, movement, and weapons transitions

The culmination of the course consists of engaging multiple targets both near and far.

Required Gear*

– Shotgun 12GA or 20GA (The course is optimized for Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 style shotguns, but we can accommodate whatever you have).
– Sling
– Ammo holder or mounted side saddle
– 75 rounds of 00 Buck
– 75 rounds of Birdshot
– 20 rounds of Slug
– Duty rated handgun
– Holster
– 2 Magazines
– Magazine pouch
– 50 Rounds of pistol ammo
– Belt and suitable clothing (range is outdoors, dress for the weather)
– Shoes with good lateral support
– Knee pads (optional)
– Sunscreen (weather dependent)
– Hat with visor
– Eye and ear protection
– Lunch, snacks, and drinks (refrigeration is unavailable. There is a market nearby for purchasing lunch)

*Rental equipment (firearm/ammunition/eye & ear protection) is available for an additional fee and with advanced notice.

All firearms must be unloaded and in a case or holster upon arrival. All firearms will remain in their case or holster until specifically directed to be taken out under the guidance of a DFI instructor. 

Gear Rentals (optional)

6 reviews for Defensive Shotgun Tactics 1 near Sweet Home Oregon

  1. Steven

    This Tactical Shotgun course was AWESOME! I am definitely walking away with a new found respect for the shotgun. I was amazed at not only the instructor’s wealth of knowledge but also his ability to pass on that knowledge in such a short amount of time.

  2. Joseph

    I found the shotgun course very enlightening. The firearms instructor did a great job of breaking things down, so we could all understand the basics. I’m signing up to get my DPSST unarmed security here as well. DFI’s instructors are the best I have seen in the industry!

  3. Tylor

    Amazing shotgun course, instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Had a keen eye for safety and catching mistakes on the line. They corrected issues and mistakes without making students feel dumb or nervous. Looking forward to taking more courses.

  4. Ryan

    I’ve taken many classes through Defensive Firearms Instruction and haven’t regretted a single penny that I’ve spent. I’ve taken everything from the tactical carbine and shotgun courses to their DPSST unarmed and armed security classes. They have a great instructor and he is able to explain everything in a way that’s easy for a beginner to understand. I would not hesitate to recommend DFI to anyone who is looking to increase their skill level or get their required certifications!

  5. Jennifer

    Wanted to take this class to better understand the shotgun and how to use it for home defense. I walk away with more knowledge and information than I expected. I am thoroughly satisfied with this class. The level of prudentialism was top notch and I felt safe throughout the entire course.

  6. Scott

    The instructor was very knowledgeable and has a good attitude. We got plenty of breaks and he was very good at answering questions. I would definitely recommend this shotgun course and Defensive Firearms Instruction.

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