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Introduction to Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

The Introduction to Handgun course is specifically designed for people who have limited to no experience operating modern handguns.

CLASS/COURSE: Introduction to Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

MAP/LOCATION: Introduction to Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon


The Introduction to Handgun course is an excellent next step after completing your Concealed Handgun Safety Training. Though not required, we have found it is helpful to students if they have taken the Concealed Handgun Safety Training prior to this course. 

The Introduction to Handgun course is a 4-hour period of instruction conducted entirely on a live-fire shooting range.

Course Topics Include

  • Properly loading/unloading magazines and speedloaders
  • Safely loading/unloading firearms
  • Proper handling and passing techniques
  • Discussion on how to manipulate firearm controls
  • Basic ready positions
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Familiarization firing
  • Accuracy analysis

We focus heavily on building each shooter’s confidence level by thoroughly explaining each skill we are teaching. This class runs at a slower pace, and class sizes are much smaller to give each shooter more one-on-one time with instructors. The primary focus of this course is to patiently assist new shooters while they are getting comfortable and learning to operate their firearms safely in a non-intimidating environment that is conducive to asking and answering questions.

Introduction to Handgun course on its own will not work to obtain your Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL), however, it is a great course to take in addition to your Concealed Handgun Safety Training, and to build the skills you need to be prepared to use a firearm safely and on your own.

If you are new to firearms, it is highly recommended to take this course a couple of times to build the proficiency and confidence necessary to advance to the Defensive Handgun Tactics 1 course.

If you do not currently own a handgun, we have handgun rentals that include ammunition as an option you can select when signing up for this course. We recommend if you do not own a handgun to take the course using one of our rentals. This will assist new shooters in learning what they need and want out of a firearm before they make a purchase.

Required Gear

– Firearm*
– 50 rounds of ammunition* (ammunition can be purchased from any local gun shop or sporting good retailer)
– Electronic ear protection and eye protection*
– Weather appropriate attire (closed-toed shoes, no low cut shirts)
– Sunscreen (weather dependent)
– Hat with visor
– Pen
– Notepad
– Snacks and drinks

*Rental equipment (firearm/ammunition/protection) is available for an additional fee and with advanced notice.

All firearms brought to this course must be unloaded and in a case or holster upon arrival. All firearms will remain in their case or holster until specifically directed to be taken out under the guidance of a DFI instructor.

Gear Rentals (optional)

7 reviews for Introduction to Handgun near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

  1. Samantha

    Very professional and informative Introduction to Handgun course. I would absolutely recommend and I look forward to coming back for future courses. The breaks were very good and well timed and training environment was safe and welcoming.

  2. Steven

    I loved the Introduction to Handgun class. Instructors caught my mistakes immediately and were very calm and professional in their corrections. I will definitely recommend.

  3. Marion

    Introduction of Handgun class was in-depth and rewarding. Instructors were very passionate and knowledgeable about class. It’s a very good course to take and I would absolutely recommend.

  4. Omar

    Very informative class, great atmosphere and curriculum. Great transition from dry fire to live shooting. Would highly recommend the Introduction to Handgun course to family and friends.

  5. Braulio

    Well presented, as a new shooter information was easy to follow and clarifications were made on any questions. I would recommend to friends.

  6. Reyme

    Knowledgeable, information presented was in an engaging way. Instructors were professional and kept the class very safe. I would absolutely recommend.

  7. Amy

    As a new shooter going in, I was very nervous and hesitant to take this class. However, after I walked away with a new level of confidence. Instructors were very professional and made me feel safe. They were very understanding and played close attention to everyone. I really enjoyed the one on one attention especially in a group class setting. I will recommend.

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