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ASP Expandable Baton near Eugene & Springfield Oregon


Don’t miss your shot to get trained by the best instructors during the next ASP Expandable Baton Course near Eugene and Springfield Oregon. Sign Up for an upcoming ASP Expandable Baton Course in Lane County provided by the Oregon training experts at Defensive Firearms Instruction!

ASP Expandable Baton near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

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ASP Expandable Baton Course near Eugene and Springfield Oregon is 4-hours of comprehensive training.

ASP Expandable Baton Course is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Security Officers, and other industry professionals.

All ASP Expandable Baton techniques taught work on the street and not just in the classroom.

ASP Expandable Baton techniques are court defensible and backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants.

ASP Expandable Baton Course is meant to provide the student with an understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, the justification for use, and how to document these actions.

ASP Expandable Baton Course goes into great depth on Portation (Carrying), Presentation (Drawing), Striking techniques, Mechanical function, and Maintenance.

The training incorporates drills that simulate the wide variety of street encounters which may require the use of an expandable baton.

The class provides efficient defensive impact weapon tactics for personnel without long hours of training.

The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced, and readily maintained.

This course provides techniques that work 90% of the time on 90% of subjects.

Students retain the ability to disengage or escalate as the situation may require.

Upon completion of the ASP Expandable Baton Course, students will receive a certification card in the mail.

The ASP Baton certification is a lifetime certification that does not expire.

The ASP Expandable Baton in Eugene and Springfield Oregon can be purchased off of the official ASP website prior to attending the class.

We suggest our students purchase either 21 inches or 26 inches ASP Friction Loc Baton.

In addition, we prefer our students to use the ASP Rotating Side Break Scabbard.

Students are encouraged to bring their own duty belts.

No live firearms are allowed in the course.

Students should be in good physical condition and be able to perform rigorous exercises.

Wearing boots with good lateral support is highly recommended.

Required Gear:

  • ASP Expandable Baton
  • Baton Scabbard
  • A valid form of Identification

With advanced notice, rental gear is available for an extra $15.

There is a $5.00 charge for ASP Certification card replacement.

Rental Gear & Upgrades (optional)

4 reviews for ASP Expandable Baton near Eugene & Springfield Oregon

  1. Mark

    Instructors were professional, well organized and answered all questions. I appreciated all the individual help and patience. I highly recommend this ASP Expandable Baton class to others and look forward to more training.

  2. Marco

    The structure of the Expandable Baton course was effective and efficient and we went over the curriculum at a good steady pace. I really enjoyed the practical application and it definitely helped me grasp the concepts. Great instructors who knew their stuff, presented themselves with professionalism and confidence. For the length of this class, I thought there were plenty and sufficient breaks. I would absolutely recommend this course.

  3. Katherine

    Instructors were easy to follow, professional, attentive and courteous to students learning styles.

  4. John

    The Expandable Baton course was thorough and everything was relevant and informational. The instructors were clear, professional and helpful. I especially appreciated all the repetition throughout. Overall very informative, relevant and helpful course. I would highly recommend.

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