Documenting Training

There are some aspects to carrying a firearm for personal defense that are very commonly overlooked.

One aspect that gets little attention from many is documenting training.

It is our recommendation to document any and all aspects of training that you have taken.

It would be wise to keep all training documents filed somewhere at home, and also to scan them onto a computer and to email them to yourself and store them in a file within your email.

By doing so, someone else could access your documentation of training on your behalf should the need arise.

Something that is important to remember is what can happen after a self-defense situation.

If you draw your firearm and use deadly force to defend your life or the life of another, there is a pretty high probability that you may end up going to court.

It is advisable to have all records of training that you have taken available in case attorneys or the courts request them.

It can also help in your defense to show that you have taken formal training to better prepare yourself for a self-defense situation.

It is also a great idea to continue to seek out and take additional training to keep yourself up to date on any laws, rules, and regulations that may potentially change.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and it is your personal responsibility to keep yourself up to date on the laws that govern the carrying of firearms for personal defense.

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