Educating Kids

There has been a surge in parents starting to carry concealed to protect their families, and with that, we have some recommendations about educating kids about firearms.

These recommendations are great for both the parents that are going to have firearms in the home and those that are not.

These are recommendations only, how individuals choose to parent is completely their choice.

The first thing to consider is that if individuals that have kids are carrying firearms for personal defense, the kids will eventually see the firearm whether the parent wants them to or not.

Regardless of whether or not the child asks about it, this will create some curiosity.

It is recommended to address this curiosity and educate the child about how to properly handle a firearm should they come into contact with one outside of supervision.

This leads us to our next recommendation about educating kids about firearms.

We typically recommend that parents start educating kids about firearms about the time that the parents are allowing the child to be outside of their direct supervision.

We recommend this for parents regardless of whether or not they keep firearms in the house.

If they do keep firearms in the house there is always a chance that a child could come across one.

The other reason is that other parents could have firearms in their houses.

If kids are over at a friend’s house, again there is always a chance that they could come across a firearm outside of the direct supervision of an adult.

The other reason that we highly recommend this is because whether we like it or not, kids are getting training one way or another.

They are getting training through movies, video games, TV shows, etc.

These forms of training that children are getting are not always the training that we would like them to receive.

One way to solve that issue could be to take some time to educate children about safe gun handling to ensure that they have the information that parents want them to have.

If parents are unsure of what to teach children, there are many different resources that can be utilized ranging from finding a local trainer to finding information from trusted sites online.

It is highly recommended that parents ensure any instructor they are considering is reputable and certified before seeking training through them.

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